Fashion of Tomorrow
Fashion of Tomorrow
Advocating for a better fashion industry.

Advocating for a better fashion industry


More than an Organization

Currently there are organizations that focus on consumers, but there is a gap of engagement of policymakers and legislators particularly in the United States.


Legislation is One of the Solutions

Many organizations encourage raising awareness, but there is no specific advocacy asks to push.


We have a responsibility to the future generation.

With fashion being one of the highest polluting industries in the world, it's crazy that there are few proposed policies created to ensure we leave a planet behind.



Dedicated to change.

Fashion of Tomorrow is an advocacy organization that strives for a fashion industry that is sustainable and free of exploitation. The organization takes action by:

  • Researching and identifying meaningful laws

  • Engaging decision makers

  • Advocating for passage of the legislation

By forming relationships and advocating, we will promote legislative change and a better fashion industry for tomorrow.